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First Impressions Matter

When you list your home for sale, it’s key to make sure the first impression is a good one! Most homebuyers will search online first, so it’s important to present beautiful pictures to get their attention. Our clients in Hoffman Estates did that and secured 14 offers in the first 48 hours and closed in 40 days! Read below for tips we, and the professional stagers we work with, gave our clients to help them make a strong first impression with Buyers.


Less is more when prepping your home for photos. You want your home to look clean and spacious. Try to reduce the number of furnishings you have in your home since cluttered rooms tend to look smaller.


You want your house to look like a “model home” for pictures. Your house shouldn't look lived in, instead like a place a potential buyer could live in. Removing photos and personal items, like trophies or souvenirs, and replacing them with a plant can make your home more appealing.

Go neutral

Our clients recently painted their home a neutral gray throughout, and if they hadn’t we would have recommended a fresh coat of paint in a neutral shade of white, gray or beige that coordinated with their flooring. Bright shades can be used, and minimally so a space doesn’t look busy. For example, if a space has a large red sofa it should be the main splash of color and everything else in the room should be more neutral. We want potential buyers to notice the space more than the objects in the room.

Tidy Up

Giving your house a good cleaning, whether yourself or with the help of a cleaning company, can make a big difference. Simple things like vacuuming, dusting baseboards, cleaning windows, wiping light fixtures and other surfaces that are often overlooked help make your home more appealing. We also recommend tidying up outside before taking pictures.

Let In the Light

Open blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. Every space is different, so some spaces may need lamps and light fixtures to enhance it.

Curate your shots

For example, make sure the toilet seat is down in the bathroom. In the kitchen, clear counter tops of extra appliances, and in the living room make sure the television is off and hide cords and remotes.

If you're considering selling, reach out and we can provide more tips for a successful sale!

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